Up-to-date Smart DNS Servers IP Addresses

Just to keep you all updated with the current IP addresses of our DNS, below, you can find a table with Smart DNS Proxy servers with a new updated Mexico IP address:

 Australia - Melbourne
 Australia - Sydney
 Brazil - Sao Paulo
 Canada - Montreal
 Canada - Montreal 2
 Canada - Toronto
 Canada - Vancouver
 Denmark - Copenhagen
 Germany - Frankfurt
 France - Paris
 India - Chennai
 India - Mumbai
 Ireland - Dublin
 Israel - Rosh Haayin
 Italy - Milan
 Japan - Tokyo
 Mexico - Mexico City
 Netherlands - Amsterdam
 New Zealand - Auckland
 Singapore - Singapore
 South Africa - Johannesburg
 South Korea - Seoul
 Spain - Madrid
 Sweden - Stockholm
 Switzerland - Zurich
 Turkey - Istanbul
 United Arab Emirates - Dubai
 United Kingdom - London
 US East - N. Virginia
 US East - Miami
 US Center - Dallas
 US West - Los Angeles
 US West - Seattle
 United States, Atlanta
 United States, Chicago
 United States, New Jersey
 United States, Los Angeles
 United States, Florida
 United States, Seattle

Happy streaming!

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